Author: Linda Peterson

How to Find the Right Leaf Blower

blowing leaves in a street

As far as walkway or lawn maintenance is concerned, you need to get the best leaf blower that suits your needs. Thus, you should take your time and carry out adequate research. According to, a leaf blower is a gardening tool with a nozzle that propels air that is strong enough to push away debris and leaves. Buying the right leaf blower can help you to clean your patio and yard. The following are tips to consider when choosing leaf blowers.

Type of Leaf Blower

Nowadays, various types of leaf blowers are designed to suit different cleaning needs. The main types include gasoline-powered, battery operated, and corded. You should note that there are many choices of models and even well-known best-selling brands. This makes the process of choosing one that suits your needs a little tricky.

Air Power

Airflow is used as a criterion for measuring the power of leaf blowers. Airflow is defined as the amount of air that comes out of a device, tunnel, or machine at a given time. It is either measured in cfm (cubic feet per minute) or mph (miles per hour). Before purchasing any leaf blower, there is a need to know the cfm rating and whether it can clean your lawn properly.


Another thing to check out is the weight of the machine. This is an important factor to consider before you carry it around the yard. Ideally, it can cause serious muscle strain. Therefore, you should think about it. It is a good idea to purchase one that is powerful but lightweight.

Noise Level

using a leaf blowerIt is a good idea to know how noisy your machine would be. The truth is that leaf blowers are noisy and this is something you cannot help. Therefore, when choosing one, it is good to find a machine with the lowest decibel (dB). In this way, you can avoid being inconvenienced as you clean your property. Remember that noise levels can be a serious problem for your neighbors. If you are living in an association, you will need to check the community covenants and bylaws.

It is vital to note that louder models create a lot of vibration and can also be tiresome when used for extended periods. Also, you need to use appropriate gear protection to limit any possible damage to your hearing. Leaf blowers are the best alternative to using rakes or water to clean the properties. As noted above, they come in a wide range of types. Therefore, you need to know the above things before buying one.…